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  • Where are our products manufactured?
    Our products are designed in Germany and manufactured in Portugal, Italy and India. For us fair working conditions and good quality of leather are most important. We will soon provide more information about our manufacturing process. Quality instead of quantity. We only produce a carefully selected amount of bags.
  • Is there a HANAN store?
    No. We solely sell our bags online and at top class horse events.
  • Are there other colors and personalizations available?
    Our bags are only available in the timeless colors black and cognac. Personalisations are available on request- we can implement these, depending on our customer's wish. Please remember we are still at the beginning and grow together with our customers 🤎
  • Will there be any further bags?
    We are currently working on another special bag in Italy. As soon as we have perfectioned it, it will be available in our shop
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