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Material & Care

Leather is a naturally beautiful product! With correct care it will last many years and you can enjoy your bag for a long time!

Leather lives with us and matures depending on your lifestyle: each bag has a personal development.

Leather care plays a critical role in the lifespan of your bag. As we don’t want your bag to lose its original shine, we have a few tips for its leather care:



What you need to know about leather:


Each leather product has an own care standard. Its care is dependent of the manufacturing, the use, the age, environmental influences and the wear.

The aim is to maintain the original look of the leather product and to protect it from stains, dirt and losing its color. Therefore, you need knowledge of suitable care products:



ER9B0422PV Kopie.jpg

Our tip:

Regular care but less is more!

Please try out the products on a small part of your bag. Leather tends to darken with age; therefore, you do not need to care for it too often. For general maintenance and care we recommend you to take your bag to a trusted leather goods and repair shop.


Did you get caught in a rain shower or your water bottle leaked and you forgot to waterproof your bag? If your bag got wet you should avoid these two things:


  1. UV light: Sunlight accelerates leather to fade

  2. Heaters: Heat can deform leather permanently, makes it brittle and lets it crack


Our tip:

  Fill your bag with paper and let it air dry!

Leather Grease:

Leather grease is used for the regular care of vegetable tanned leather. You only need to use a little amount for a big area. If you use too much, you might oversaturate the leather and it will get dull.

The grease closes the pores of your leather bag and keeps it supple. It maintains and protects the leather. It moistens the leather and makes it water absorbent at the same time: if you grease your bag regularly, you do not have to worry about water stains on rainy days.


Saddle Soap:

If you realize your bag got dirty, we recommend using saddle soap. Regular detergent is usually too aggressive for leather.  Apply some soap and water on a sponge and carefully clean the dirty area. It is important to grease the leather after this cleansing to prevent the leather from becoming brittle.


Liquid Leather:

If your favorite bag is brittle because of its everyday use, you do not have to get rid of it! With using liquid leather, you can treat scratches, scars and cracks. It’s important not to use too much of it!



The regular care of suede is very simple. Suede is more sensitive to dirt and humidity; therefore, we recommend waterproofing it. You can buff your bag with a suede brush (or a soft horse brush). You should also brush after usage and upon removal from storage.

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