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about HANAN

Our goal is to create fine leather accessories for passionate horse women. Functionality combined with fashion and esthetics. Being true riders and ‘fashionistas’ ourselves, we were constantly torn between the two extremes: either the item was functional, but ugly or beautiful, but not very practical.


We were specifically looking for a belt bag, to carry the most important items with us, while caring for our horses, attending a horse seminar or hacking out in the fields: our phone, our keys, a little money or credit card. There were numerous belt bags out there, but not even one, that also fulfilled our desire for ‘beautiful’ things.

Our first idea about a belt bag, very soon grew to the ambition to have one by one and step by step an ‘entire family’ of beautiful leather bags and other fine leather accessories and sell our products worldwide to lovers of horses and fine leatherware: to sophisticated equestrians.

We started looking for a beautiful logo which would demonstrate our passion for horses and specifically Arabian Horses and could be considered a little jewelry piece on its own.

During our visits to the Arabian Horse World Championships in Paris we met a wonderful British artist, Sally Reece from Equus Eye. She creates the most astonishing sculptures and head portraits of Arabian horses. Her artwork is known and loved in the entire Arabian horse scene, since she creates the most beautiful Championship trophies for Horse Shows worldwide. Her horse sculptures transmit the typical spirit and attitude of the Arabian horse and they can literally touch your heart.

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 Our Logo​


In a long process Sally created for us the new Hanan Logo: two horse heads, an Arabian Mare and an Arabian stallion intertwined into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Its round shape stands for a harmonious connection, intimacy, love and togetherness. Their heads are turned outwards and stand for the individualism of the two beings, their own personality and openness to the world and others, while still being connected and devoted to each other. 


We understand this as a symbol for the ideal connection between a rider and his or her horse.

It was a long process, Sally did numerous drawings for us and when we finally thought it was perfect, she handcrafted a first clay model. The master mold for the golden logo pieces war created with 3D technology and the little ‘Hanan pieces’ are made of a high quality brass in a British foundry and then honed down by hand piece by piece in order to have the perfect shape and feel for the hand. They then undergo a soft ‘aging’ procedure in order to fit well with our saddle leather.   

The Name HANAN

The Name Hanan is a traditional Arabic name for girls and became famous in the Arabian horse scene, because a little, very undescript brown filly, born, 1967 at the El Zahraa Stud in Egypt, was imported by the German horse breeder Dr. Hans Joachim Nagel and became the founder and grand dam of a fantastic dynasty of Arabian horses. 

It is the promise of the power of creation and the most daring fantasies becoming reality.

Hanan became internationally famous for her extreme exotic type, her noble elegance, her very particular pride and lightness- an until then very unknown, extreme oriental nobility. 

If you would like to know more about Hanan and her story, we recommend you to read the book "Hanan. the story of an Arabian mare and of the Arabian breed" by Dr. Hans Joachim Nagel. 









masculine,muscular, wide across the back,croup, chest, neck and forehead. Even the mares are muscular and masculine











feminin, elegant, fine boned, extremely handsome. The parade and show type. Even the stallions are extremely beautiful and feminine






Abu Urqub






long lines, also taller and coarser than the classic type. Often ugly in appearance and temperament

Classic, antique type with rounded outlines 

Long and angular lines 

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