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Your lifetime forever favorite

Our MILWAH handbag is the result of long process. We spent years in developing this bag, because it was supposed to become a forever favorite, just as our Saqlawi beltbag. THE handbag for the sophisticated equestrian. We experimented with all sorts of different forms, functions, colors leathertypes and designs. Created countless handmade prototypes in Portugal, India and Italy, which we tested on many occasions. Each time we discovered another detail and refinement which we implemented in the next photo.

It was supposed to be a timeless bag, that fulfills our desire for aesthetic and elegance. That has that special something that unites likeminded women. With a HANAN bag you can out yourself as an equine eccentric in a subtle and sophisticated manner.

The MILWAH is a 100% Italian made designer bag. Designed in Germany and made in Italy.


MILWAH for every occasion: from the VIP lounge to your business meeting and into the barn

We wished for our MILWAH to be your companion at any occasion as elegant as can be: A polo game in Wellington, the Arabian Horse World Championship in Paris, the Kentucky Derby or the CHIO Aachen, but also to a business meeting that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with horses or even for example a tennis match in Wimbledon. With your little black dress at a cocktail party or Opera you would have the perfect match with the additional clutch that can be used as such or as an elegant shoulder bag.



A sturdy handbag for your everyday horse life

Our MILWAH should also be sturdy enough to leave it in the barn or on the sandy floor of your riding arena along with all other exclusive leather riding equipment such as your saddle, your boots or your tack.


The exclusive business bag

MILWAH should also be your business companion and is made to fit your laptop and other documents and comes with little compartments to fit your pens and accessories.


MILWAH- perfect for traveling

As handbag for traveling our MILWAH is a change artist. The clutch is designed to fit your & your horses passport so you always have everything organized and ready to hand. You can of course also put your clutch into the bag and close it with the zipper for your valuables to stay safe in the crowd in the waiting line.


TWO in One, our change artist

Ideally we wish for our clients to buy MILWAH in both brown and black, to be ready for absolutely every occasion. Many of our clients who bought the Saqlawi in one color, quickly bought it in the other color as well to be well dressed with any outfit. With our MILWAH you have 4 possible combinations to really be prepared for any occasion: you can take the brown bag with the black clutch or vice versa the black bag with the brown clutch for an extra touch. We were so excited about the two color option, that for a long time we could not decide wether to stay unicolored or two colored until one evening we had the idea to make a two in one out of the handbag to make it easily combinable.


    • Our HANAN logo, with the hidden message standing for the deep connection with our horses
    • Our discrete HANAN lettering that is only visible when you take out the clutch is on a golden nameplate usually made for exclusive leather halters
    • A small golden stirrup on the zip
    • The clutch imitates the case for international horse passports and is made in the exact size to fit 2-3 passports
    • The handbag is made of fine, embossed saddle leather and has the feel of fine leather equipment you find in the tack room
  • 100% italian made leather designer handbag

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